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My television switches off automatically after 4 hours


A new energy feature to reduce energy consumption has been introduced to all xxAV700A and xxCV700A LCD TVs. These new models are on sale from June 2010.

The unique energy saving feature is called ‘Automatic Power Down’. This means the television will self-switch into stand-by if no television remote control commands are received within 4 hours. This feature is an energy saving solution for situations where the television may be left unattended for extended periods and has been enabled as the default setting.

You will see an on screen warning prior to the automatic shut down. Automatic shut down will be averted by depressing any key on the television remote control.

Use of automatic power down functions will be progressively introduced to future models in an effort to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases.

If you would like to disable this feature you may follow the instructions below:

1. Press the MENU key on the remote control.

2. Press the right arrow key and highlight SETUP.

3. Press the down arrow key and highlight Automatic Power Down.

4. Press the right arrow key to change setting to OFF.

5. Press the EXIT key on the remote control.

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