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How can I convert video files for my Journe photo frame?


Your Journe photo frame can only play Motion JPEG video files. If you have other files that you would like to play you will need to convert them. Software to convert these files is provided with your frame. Instructions on how to install and use this are below.

How to install ArcSoft Video Converter Software

1. Insert the disk labeled Video Converter Software.

2. Your disk should automatically load. If not click on Start, select Computer and double click on your DVD/CD ROM drive.

3. Select Setup Language as English; select Ok.

4. On the InstallShield page select Next.

5. On the License Agreement page select Yes.

6. Enter your User Name.

7. Enter your License Key and select Next.

8. Select Next on the Choose Destination Location screen.

9. Select Next on the Select Program Folder screen.

10. Media Converter will now install.

11. Select Finish on the InstallShield Wizard Complete screen.

How to use the ArcSoft Video Converter Software.

1. Click on Start.

2. Select All Programs.

3. Select ArcSoft Media Converter folder and then select ArcSoft Media Converter file.

4. Your Media Converter will now load.

5. Select Manufacturer as Toshiba.

6. Select Device Model as Air F Series.

7. Click on Add File.

8. Select your file to add and then click Open.

9. Select the Local Directory that you want to send the converted files to.

10. Click on Start.

11. Your files will now be converted.

12. Select Close on the report.

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