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Why is my touchpad not working and the mouse cursor doesn’t move


Sometimes it is possible to accidentally disable your touchpad. This can be re-enabled using your FN+F9 keys.

Please note: When the FN+F9 keys are pressed together you will see a Flash Card drop down from the top of the screen showing your touchpad is enabled (for Windows Vista and Windows 7). If this doesn’t show you may need to reinstall you Toshiba Value Added Package (TVAP).

Further Troubleshooting

My touchpad still isn’t working after using the FN+F9 keys.

Have you tried reinstalling your Toshiba Value Added Package? If not this can be downloaded from here.

I’ve installed the updated Toshiba Value Added Package but this hasn’t fixed this problem.

You may like to try updating or reinstalling your Touchpad drivers. These can be found here.

Instructions on how to download and install drivers can be found here.

If you have tried the options above and this still isn't working you may need to consider booking your computer in for service. Bookings can be placed online here.

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