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Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) Information

Windows 10 Upgrade Information

AT100 Android V3.2 Upgrade Announcement - 5th December 2011

Over The Air (OTA) Upgrade
• The Android V3.2 update is available via Toshiba Service Station.
• Toshiba Service Station is an application installed on the AT100 which alerts users of software updates related to the AT100 product.

• Whilst Toshiba Service Station is installed on your AT100, you need to accept its terms and conditions to enable the service.
• Once Toshiba Service Station has been activated you will receive an alert notifying you of the Android V3.2 update.
• Once the alert is received simply follow the instructions to apply the Android V3.2 update.
• Whilst upgrading to Android V3.2 using Toshiba Service Station will not return your AT100 to an out of the box state (i.e. your data will not be removed) Toshiba still recommends users to back-up their data to an external storage device such as a USB key or SD card before running the update.

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