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Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) Information

Windows 10 Upgrade Information

Lost or Corrupted Data Using the Toshiba Finger Print Utility

A new version of software for the Toshiba Finger Print Utility has been released and is available for download on the Toshiba Support website.
This update eliminates a potential issue where data being saved with file encryption may in rare circumstances be lost or partially corrupted if the file size is an even multiple of 32 bytes.
Though this issue is unlikely to occur during normal use of a Toshiba Notebook, the Toshiba Finger Print Utility should be updated to the latest version (please see version information below) to ensure the best possible system reliability and data integrity.

Applicable Models:
Satellite E100,TECRA A10,TECRA M10,TECRA P10,TECRA S10,TECRA R10,PORTEGE A600,PORTEGE R600,PORTEGE M800,Qosmio G50,Satellite Pro S300,PORTEGE M750,Satellite A500,Satellite A500D,Satellite L500D,Satellite M500,Satellite U500,Satellite Pro U500,PORTEGE M900,Satellite L550D,Satellite Pro A500,Satellite Pro A500D,Satellite Pro L500D,Satellite Pro L550D,EQUIUM A500,EQUIUM A500D,SATEGO A500,SATEGO A500D,Satellite P500,Satellite P500D,Satellite Pro S300L,Qosmio G60,Qosmio X500,TECRA A11,TECRA S11,TECRA P11,Satellite Pro S500,Satellite E200,PORTEGE M780,TECRA M11,Satellite A660,Satellite M640,Satellite A660D,PORTEGE R700,TECRA R700,Portege R830,Satellite Pro R850,Satellite R700,Satellite R850,TECRA R850,TECRA R840,Satellite Pro R840,Satellite R840,Satellite P750,Satellite P750D,Satellite P740D,Satellite M600,Satellite Pro S750,Satellite P740,Satellite R830,Satellite Pro A660,Satellite Pro M600,Satellite Pro M640

Applicable Operating Systems:
Windows Vista, Windows 7
Updated Driver Version Details:
For Windows Vista and Windows 7: Version
For Windows 7: Version

Update your Toshiba Fingerprint software to the latest version. This can be achieved in one of two ways:

1. Obtain the updated Fingerprint software via Toshiba Service Station
• Toshiba Service Station is an application installed on your Toshiba Notebook which alerts users of software updates.
• Whilst Toshiba Service Station is installed on your Notebook you need to accept its terms and conditions to enable the service.
• Once Toshiba Service Station has been activated you will receive an alert notifying you of the Toshiba Fingerprint software update.
• Once the alert is received simply follow the instructions to apply the update.

2. Download From the Toshiba Support Website

• The updated software can be downloaded from the Toshiba support website for your Notebook computer located at
• Install the updated driver once downloaded. The installation program will auto detect which version to install

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