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AT100 Android V3.1 Upgrade Announcement - 18th October 2011

AT100 Android V3.1 Upgrade Announcement – 18th October 2011

The Toshiba Tablet AT100 upgrade from Android V3.0 to V3.1 is now available. Toshiba Australia understands some customers have been experiencing sleep/resume issues with their Toshiba Tablet AT100 with Android V3.0.

This has been caused by an industry-wide software issue and Toshiba has been working closely with its software partner to develop a solution.

Customers who own a Toshiba Tablet AT100 and have been experiencing issues, can now upgrade their Android platform from V3.0 to V3.1 in one of the following ways:

1. Over The Air (OTA) Upgrade
• The Android V3.1 update described above is available via Toshiba Service Station.
• Toshiba Service Station is an application installed on the AT100 which alerts users of software updates related to the AT100 product.

• Whilst Toshiba Service Station is installed on your AT100, you need to accept its terms and conditions to enable the service.
• Once Toshiba Service Station has been activated you will receive an alert notifying you of the Android V3.1 update.
• Once the alert is received simply follow the instructions to apply the Android V3.1 update.
• The update via Toshiba Service Station consists of two update files. Please ensure you run the updates in the order as displayed in Toshiba Service Station.
• Whilst upgrading to Android V3.1 using Toshiba Service Station will not return your AT100 to an out of the box state (i.e. your data will not be removed) Toshiba still recommends users to back-up their data to an external storage device such as a USB key or SD card before running the update.
• If you upgrade using Toshiba Service Station you will not be able to send email using a Microsoft Exchange 2003 account. Please note however Microsoft Exchange 2007, POP3 and IMAP email accounts will work OK. If you require Microsoft Exchange 2003 functionality Toshiba recommends you upgrade using method number 2, i.e. upgrade via Toshiba MobileCare, as described below.

2. Upgrade via Toshiba MobileCare
• The upgrade to Android V3.1 using this method will return the operating system to an out of the box state with current user data and settings removed. All customers MUST back-up their data to an external storage device such as a USB key or SD card before the Tablet is sent to the MobileCare service. Customers will need to reinstall their data once the update has completed.
• If your AT100 is sent to a Toshiba MobileCare Service Centre Toshiba will not retain its data.
• Applications purchased through the Android Marketplace should be able to be reinstalled when you log back into your Marketplace account using your Personal User details.
• Customers can bring their AT100 tablet to any of Toshiba’s MobileCare service centres by booking a standard warranty repair free of charge
• Toshiba has seven MobileCare centres nationally. Refer to the end of this article for specific locations.
• If customers are unable to get to a Toshiba MobileCare service centre in person, they can post or courier their tablet to a service centre.
• Customers need to book the service online where they will receive a service reference number. Go to:
• Service is estimated to take 3-5 business days for metro deliveries and 5-7 days for regional deliveries.

* Disclaimer
• The OTA upgrade will require a large download from the internet (up to 150MB). You must ensure your internet connection is capable of this size download. Toshiba will not be liable for any Internet Service Provider charges for the file download.
By upgrading you agree to all the terms and conditions (including these terms and any third party terms and conditions) referred to in the OTA upgrade process will be announced at the time of release.
• Upgrading using Method 2 (Upgrading via Toshiba MobileCare) will impact your data and settings. You MUST backup all your data and settings if you wish to retain these. Toshiba accepts no responsibility for any loss of data. By upgrading you agree to all the terms and conditions (including these terms and any third party terms and conditions) referred to in the upgrade & service process.

• Customers can contact Toshiba Support on 13 30 70 for further information or go to

Release Notes:
Below are the improvements included in the 3.1 update
• [Bug Fix] Resolves a system hang issue when returning from sleep mode.
• [Updated] Exchange System synchronisation improvements.
• Plus the standard updates as mentioned here

Toshiba MobileCare locations

Toshiba MobileCare Service Centre
Unit 2, 2 Lyell Street

Toshiba MobileCare Service Centre
2/58 Metroplex Avenue

Toshiba MobileCare Service Centre
UNIT 5A, 82-86 Minnie Street

Toshiba MobileCare Service Centre
Building F, 350 Parramatta Road

Toshiba MobileCare Service Centre
191 Fullarton Road

Toshiba MobileCare Service Centre
411 Ferntree Gully Road

Toshiba MobileCare Service Centre
UNIT 3A, 93 Francisco Street

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