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Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro T130 BIOS Update and Harness Repair Program

Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd advises that whilst there have been no reported instances of the below issue to date in Australia and New Zealand, we wish to bring this potential safety concern to your attention.

Certain Satellite T130 and Satellite Pro T130 laptop computers have been manufactured with a potentially faulty DC In harness. These computers have model numbers beginning with PST3AA, PST3BA. (The model number is located on a silver sticker on the base of the unit. Please refer to figure 1 below). The defect may cause the DC input jack to overheat and in extreme cases may cause the casework to deform at the DC jack location.

To date there have been no reports of serious injury; but the temperature may be sufficient to pose a burn hazard if specific parts of the DC-In Jack or plug are touched during the failure occurrence.
Toshiba is releasing BIOS revision 2.70 which will prevent the computer from overheating in this manner. To protect you from injury and your computer from damage, Toshiba strongly recommends that you update your system BIOS to version 2.70 or greater as soon as possible.

The BIOS can be downloaded by clicking on the following hot link:

Should the BIOS determine that a harness failure is occurring, external power will immediately be disabled eliminating the possibility of the DC jack overheating. You will then need to contact the Toshiba call center on 13 30 70 to arrange a warranty repair via Toshiba, or book online at

If the harness failure is detected while the system is operating you will receive a system message indicating that the failure has occurred and that external power has been disabled. You may continue to use the system, without risk of overheating, using the remaining battery charge. You should immediately close all open files and applications to avoid any data loss. Once the data has been saved the system should be properly shutdown. It will not be possible to recharge the battery within the system until it has been serviced by Toshiba.

Toshiba regrets any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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