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Important Information Regarding HDD Encryption Software Compatibility

Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd
Information Systems Division

June 8th, 2010

Dear Customer,

Toshiba has been made aware of an issue relating to HDD encryption software causing certain Toshiba notebook computers (refer to subject list below) to hang/stop responding during the boot process.

Encryption Software identified so far includes:

• Toshiba - Smart Data Encryption
• McAfee - Endpoint Encryption (Old name: SafeBoot Encryption)
• WinMagic - SecureDoc

Toshiba is currently in the process of updating the BIOS for each of the subject models to resolve this issue. The BIOS for each model will be uploaded to our website once available.

If you have already encountered this issue please contact a Toshiba Service Centre. You can find your closest Toshiba Service Centre by visiting our website at or calling 13 30 70.

The below is a list of models effected by this issue. If your model is listed please check your BIOS version. If your BIOS version is the same as or later than the one listed then your system is not affected and you can ignore this message. If however your BIOS is lower than that listed below you will need to download the updated BIOS from our website at

List of Affected Models

Model Name and BIOS Version
Satellite/Satellite Pro A500/A505/A507 - 1.30
Satellite/Satellite Pro L510/L515/L517 - 1.30
Satellite/Satellite Pro L500/L505/L507 - 1.30
Satellite C650D - 1.30
Satellite E200 - 1.20

How To Check You BIOS Version:

To check your BIOS version please follow the below steps:

1. Start Windows

2. Click on Start

3. Click on All Programs

4. Click on Toshiba

5. Come down to Utilities then select HWSetup

6. The Toshiba HWSetup screen will now be displayed

7. The BIOS version will be displayed as shown below:

8. Compare your BIOS version to that displayed in the above list for your model. If your BIOS version is lower than that listed for your model then you should update your BIOS.

How to Update Your BIOS

1. Go to the Toshiba (Australia) support website at

2. Select your model by either typing in your model number and clicking submit or by selecting your model using the drop boxes. See below:

3. A list of files and drivers will be displayed for your model

4. Click the BIOS update link to download your BIOS update file. See below:

5. Once the file has been downloaded double click it to initiate the BIOS update and follow the on screen prompts. Ensure you have closed all applications and that you are connected to your AC adaptor . The computer will need to reboot after the BIOS update process has completed.

Toshiba would like to thank you for selecting our product and apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.

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