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What are the benefits of ClearFrame 100Hz LCD TV?

To be exact, the term “100Hz” should be called “Double Scan”. The PAL signal in 50Hz will be double scanned into 100Hz. The benefits of 100Hz LCD TV is delivering smooth moving pictures free of motion blur and jagged edges.

Motion pictures are reproduced in the form of many fast evolving static frames. By inserting more frames, the smoother the images can be realised. Hertz (Hz) is the unit representing the number of frames displayed in one second. Normal LCD TV's perform in 50Hz (PAL).

Motion blur exists when reproducing fast moving images because of the “holding” nature of the LCD (one frame is displayed and held until another appears). As a result, the continuous motion appears jittered with after-images, causing motion blur. Motion blur for moving images are also more visible in larger screen LCD TVs

By doubling the number of frames, 100Hz technology shortens the “holding” time of each frame by half, hence, minimizing motion blur effectively. Moving images and text scrolling across the LCD panel appeared to smoother and sharper, and without jagged edges.

The doubling of the number of frames is achieved by introducing an extra frame between the original frame to reproduce a smooth and natural movement for fast action scenes.

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