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My computer is not turning on.

Asking some of the following questions can help you determine the cause of the issue.

1. Is the computer plugged into the main power?

2. When your computer is plugged into the main power; does the power indicator light show on the front panel?

3. Are all of the connections secured? Ie: are all of the cables plugged in all the way?

4. Have you tried different power points?

Further Troubleshooting

The indicator lights show on the front panel of the computer, however my computer still is not turning on.

1. When you press the power button, do all of the lights show on the front panel?

If this is the case, you may need to try suggestions from here.

2. My computer does not respond at all when I try to turn the machine on. I can not hear the fans start, or if they do they will turn off straight away.

If your computer still is not powering on you may need to have a Toshiba technician assess the machine for you. Click here to book an online service request.

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