55VL900A - Toshiba 55" VL Series Television (DISCONTINUED)

Toshiba 55" VL Series 55VL900A Television
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The Toshiba 55” VL900A is a Full High Definition 3D LCD TV that lets you immerse yourself in state-of-the-art 3D entertainment.
Incredible clarity

LED Edge technology delivers incredible clarity due to the advanced backlighting system. Colours are more vibrant and contrast more pronounced, resulting in a brilliant viewing experience.
Amazing picture quality

This super sleek VL900A 3D LCD TV features a huge 55” Full High Definition 1080p LED backlit screen for the most amazingly real picture quality imaginable.
Super slim and sophisticated

With its super slim bezel, the design of this TV is contemporary and sophisticated, making it a stylish addition to any room.
Seriously fun split-screen gaming

With the amazing multiplayer game capability, two players can unleash a seriously fun split-screen gaming experience, with each seeing their own full screen image!
Passive 3D technology

Get ready to bring cinema action into your living room with Toshiba’s amazing Passive 3D technology. Four Passive 3D Glasses are included for plenty of family fun.
Convert 2D content to 3D

Enjoy your favourite 2D movies in immersive 3D thanks to Toshiba’s 2D-3D Conversion technology, which converts 2D content to high quality 3D in real time.
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