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Toshiba recommends Windows.

Toshiba's technology advantage

Toshiba's notebooks and Tablet PCs feature a range of technologies that make them particularly well suited to the school environment. These include:



Because availability is so important to students and teachers, Toshiba's notebooks and Tablet PCs have reliability built in. We've taken an engineering approach to this, selecting a solution because it is the best, not necessarily the cheapest.

For example, heat is one of the leading causes of component failure in notebooks, so we map heat flow in detail. This enables us to identify any hot spots created by heat generating components like the CPU. Then we redesign the component arrangement or change the way air flows within the system to prevent heat build up and reduce the risk of a problem.

Our Portégé and Tecra ranges are also a graduate of our Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing process - a torture test that cycles notebooks through extremes of heat and cold to simulate several lifetime's use. This helps us identify potential design problems so we can fix them before we go into production.



The ability to survive everyday knocks and drops is essential in the school environment. So our notebooks and Tablet PC are equipped with a suite of features that enhance their durability. These are bundled under the name EasyGuard™ and, depending on the model, can include an impact resistant magnesium-alloy chassis, spill resistant keyboards that help prevent accidents from turning into disasters, and shock protected designs that use impact absorbing materials to protect crucial components like the screen and the motherboard in the same way bumpers and air-bags protect a car and its passengers.


Solid state drives boost reliability, speed and battery life

Solid state drives (SSD) perform the function of hard disc drives, but without the vulnerable moving parts – there are no spinning storage discs or low-flying read/write heads to worry about. As a result, they're more reliable and better able to survive knocks and drops. They're also faster, so users can retrieve information in a blink, and launch the largest applications fast. Significantly, they also use less power, which helps extend battery life. It's a win/win technology for schools.

Toshiba's PC Health Monitor detects problems before they occur

You'll find Toshiba's unique PC Health Monitor in all our notebooks and Tablet PCs. It lets users actively monitor their devices via an easily understood graphical interface that provides an overview of temperature, fan speed, battery condition, power consumption and more. One quick glance and users will know if things are running smoothly. Toshiba's PC Health Monitor also detects and notifies of problems before they occur, and offers simple tests to run to help find solutions. You can even use PC Health Monitor to fine-tune a device for better performance.

Toshiba's ConfigFree software makes it easy to connect to networks

There's no need for students or staff to waste time when they're connecting to the school network. Toshiba's remarkable ConfigFree™ software makes it easy to establish a wired or wireless connection. A user-friendly interface shows any active Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi access points on a radar-like display, making wireless connections drag-and-drop easy. ConfigFree's Connectivity Doctor can even examine wired network connections and help diagnose any problems. ConfigFree can also capture location settings, so users can easily reconnect when they move from home to school or staffroom.

Toshiba's Wireless Diversity Antenna helps maintain robust wireless connections

Wireless connectivity is enhanced by Toshiba's patented Diversity Antenna. It features twin dual-band antennas that are built into different parts of the device. The system provides stable, reliable wireless connections by automatically choosing the antenna with the strongest signal and best frequency from those available – and then switching automatically to the other antenna if things change.

Toshiba's EcoUtility helps users reduce their environmental impact

Toshiba's Eco Utility™ makes it easy for users to monitor their daily, weekly and monthly power usage. A single click lets them switch to a pre-configured power plan that will reduce power consumption and carbon footprint with no interruption to performance. The Toshiba Eco Utility visually displays power saving in either watts or CO2 emissions so users can see how much they've saved.

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