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ExtraGear – Toshiba's range of time-savers and productivity-boosters for schools.

Productivity suggestions for teachers and students:

  • Package each notebook with two AC adaptors. This lets teachers and students keep one at home and one at school, reducing the chance of forgetting the cable and being unable to recharge during the day.
  • Invest in external storage devices. Teachers and students can use them to back up their work at home as well as at school. This can help prevent the frustration and difficulty of replacing lost files.
  • Package each notebook or Tablet PC with a Dynadock or two and make it easy for teachers and staff to move from school to home and start work within seconds – all the connections are ready and waiting to go.
  • Include an extra battery with the notebook as insurance. There’s nothing worse than running out of power half way through a lesson or assignment. A spare battery can turn a major problem into a minor inconvenience, simply fixed in 30 seconds by swapping battery packs.


This device replicates all of the ports and jacks on your notebook. It sits on the user’s desk at home or school – or both – and stays plugged into your network, printers, mouse etc at all times. Moving from school to home and back becomes a matter of simply walking in, clicking your notebook down onto the Dynadock base and starting work again – all of the connections are there and ready to go. It’s a wonderfully convenient productivity tool.


Toshiba makes a range of batteries for each notebook and Tablet. You can package up a spare with the same capacity as the original battery, or select a larger one that provides additional life.


We offer a wide range of cases suitable for the safe transport of notebooks and Tablet PCs. These range from briefcase-style units in leather or ballistic fabrics to backpacks in restrained corporate colours or edgy cammo.


Toshiba’s Tufapak™ is designed specifically for schools. It now features T.A.N.C.* armour, making it tougher than ever. It features a unique padded internal hard-shell with impact-resistant armour for extra protection. Reinforced anchor points and corners and premium YKK zips give it extra durability for school use.


Toshiba offers a wide range of external storage devices. These make it easy to back up your notebook’s hard drive, or transfer files between locations or devices. Select from:



A wireless mouse is very convenient, streamlining your travel pack by eliminating another cable.


This stylish mouse is available in white or black. 1600 dots-per-inch resolution gives you precise cursor movement and accuracy, or switch to 1200 for extra speed. The mouse also features a convenient scroll wheel in an updated design that offers comfort for extended use. A low battery indicator gives you a handy warning when it needs replacing. The tiny nano receiver is small enough to be left in the USB port and uses wireless RF technology to connect to your computer. For added convenience, the nano receiver can also be stored inside the mouse when not in use.

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