PSU4WA-006004 - Toshiba Satellite U840/006 Ultrabook™ Computer (DISCONTINUED)

Toshiba Satellite U840/006 Ultrabook™ PSU4WA-006004 Computer
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The Satellite U840 Ultrabook™ offers the most beautiful technology in the lightest of packages.
Backlit keyboard

Illuminated keyboard lets you enjoy your notebook on the move, day or night.
Dedicated graphics

Run all your applications smoothly with its dedicated graphics card delivering optimised movie viewing and immersive game play.
Ultra thin design

Ultra thin design measuring just 19.9 mm in thickness (or should we say thinness) and weighs just 1.73kg – about the weight of 8½ oranges.

Cosmopolitan in finish, its brushed ultra-metallic aluminium-silver finish makes it ultra smart to carry with you.
LED backlit screen

This 14” High Definition LED screen provides incredible picture quality for ultra viewing pleasure.
Hybrid HDD

Embedded Hybrid HDD for a coveted start up performance.
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