The right laptop for different types of businesses

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If you are working from a home or small office then you need to look at the best options available to you when it comes to choosing the laptop that will be at the helm of your business.

You need a laptop you can depend on, whatever business throws at it. That's why at Toshiba we have developed the EasyGuard system. It is designed to help you meet the ever-changing demands of business.

Many Toshiba laptops come with the ability to protect your data from a fall or a keyboard spill and allow you to stay connected where others fail.

The spill resistant keyboard prevents system damage and also gives you plenty of time to close any files and shut down your machine to ensure you don't lose those important files. The 3D accelerometer (3-axis monitoring system) dynamically detects free falls, shock or vibration in all directions and rapidly moves the HDD head from between the HDD platters in preparation for impact, protecting your valuable data.

All Toshiba laptops come with a diagnostics system built-in, enabling you and IT support to identify and resolve problems quickly, saving maintenance costs and minimising system downtime.

The eco utility button shows you a real time graph of your power usage and allows you to make tangible choices about how much power you want your laptop to use.

Toshiba recommends the Satellite Pro range for SOHO


Small/Medium Business

The majority of small to medium businesses (SMB) are innovative and quick to adopt new technology.

Innovative features which are proving to be highly sought after with SMBs include:

  • the new built-in 3G mobile broadband allows you to connect through a VPN to your office wherever there is a viable mobile network.
  • Toshiba's ConfigFree allows you to quickly and easily set up a network connection, troubleshoot any connectivity problems and capture a complete set of location settings for easy, one-button future use.

If your laptop is lost or stolen you don't need to worry about the security of your data thanks to Toshiba's laptop fingerprint reader, which means nobody but you can access the data stored in your laptop.

All it takes is a simple swipe of your finger across the biometrics scanner and you have fast and convenient authentication for all system passwords (BIOS, HDD and Windows). You can even use the scanner to access specific files or websites, doing away with the need to remember a multitude of different passwords.

Many of the higher-end Toshiba laptops now come with Solid State Drives (SSD). These are similar to current hard drives except they use solid-state memory to store data. With no moving parts, the SSD is much less likely to fail in extreme outdoor temperatures and conditions of vibration or shock - protecting your data should your laptop accidentally fall. SSD is more productive with fast read/write speeds allowing quicker booting and application opening for all users.

The latest notebooks in the Portégé range are proving extremely popular with many small to medium business owners for their staff due to the lightness, quality and host of features.

The Tecra range is also proving popular thanks to the 3G card now installed in a number of models allowing wireless broadband on the go and the 128GB SSD keeping your information safer than a normal hard drive.

Small/Medium Business


Large companies and corporations are all about ensuring the lifecycle of their notebook computers along with fleet manageability.

Toshiba's Easyguard features and reliability are two key components for some of the large corporations that already use Toshiba laptops for all staff.

The Intel Active Management Technology in Toshiba laptop computers enables IT departments to better discover, heal and protect networked computing assets, reducing downtime and minimising desk-site visits. It gives IT departments the ability to control updates and applications across the range of fleet laptops. The updates and applications can be pushed out automatically with laptops being able to be turned on when they are switched off and have the updates put through to ensure any security issues are updated straight away.

Many large corporations are turning to both SSD and 3G creating safer and more mobile workforces. This guarantees that the workforce are using lighter laptops with mobile broadband coupled with Toshiba's ConfigFree features ensuring they never lose touch with the office.

Toshiba notebooks also come with a robust system design and specialised casework - including magnesium alloy - which is the result of extensive product development testing - or HALT - enabling us to simulate product lifecycles and pinpoint weaknesses, improving the quality, reliability and durability of our laptops.

The Tecra and Portégé ranges of laptops are the most popular with large companies including law firms and banks especially Toshiba's tablet range which allows users the ability to write on the screen, use text and colour to help segment presentations and allows them to think more freely.

The Portégé R830 is popular with executives for its lightness, durability and host of functions and features.


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