Guide to Buying a Business Laptop

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Whether you are buying a laptop for a small business or whether you are buying a fleet of laptops for a multinational there are a number of factors involved that you must get right at the beginning to ensure you get what is right for your organisation.

Every business thrives on the information it retains and the way it uses that information, which means that first and foremost in the mind of the buyer should be security, mobility and customer service


The cost of data loss can be massive - in fact, 20 megabytes of accounting data takes 21 days and costs $19,000 to reproduce.

Among companies who lose data in a disaster, 50% never reopen and 90% are out of business within two years (Source: Harald Anderson, "The Cost of Lost Data?")

A recent international survey of 900 taxi drivers found that thousands of mobile phones, PDAs and laptops are forgotten in taxis every day, revealing that passengers are leaving sensitive information up for grabs.

This, combined with the increasing demand to stay connected to our professional lives while at home, our private lives while at work, and both while on the road, means that more than ever, it is important to have technology we can trust.

Laptops equipped with Toshiba EasyGuard features, such as spill-resistant keyboards and ConfigFree, which enables laptop owners to move between networks seamlessly, ensure safe, secure, carefree mobile computing.

Furthermore, Toshiba laptops all come with an in-built health monitor which allow users to easily check the laptops' well-being allowing you to take remedial action before things come to a sudden stop.

They also include a new 3D HDD shock protection system which keeps your sensitive data and personal files safe. The 3D accelerometer (3-axis monitoring system) dynamically detects free falls, shock or vibration in all directions and rapidly moves the HDD head from between the HDD platters in preparation for impact - protecting your valuable data.

Fingerprint access was once seen as being not reliable but the latest technology ensure that only people linked to the laptop will be able to access the sensitive information.

If you dread the thought of anyone accessing your laptop if it is lost or stolen then look for laptops with a Trusted Platform Module built in - without the right password or fingerprint no-one will be able to access any data on the laptop.



The weight and size of a laptop is important depending on what you or your organisation plan to use the laptop for. If you are maintaining a fleet of laptops for salespeople who are continually on the go then weight is incredibly important.

Another thing to consider if you have a number of laptops out in the field is battery life. There are times when you cannot access a power point and you have a lot of work to do. Toshiba's laptops come with the option of high capacity batteries which can increase the battery on your laptop to up to 9 hours. This comes in handy during those long international flights.

However, should the majority of your staff be using their laptop in the office then you may want to look at heavier laptops which can easily replace desktop computers.



All Toshiba laptops come with Wi-Fi built-in and most laptops and notebooks now come with imbedded 3G. Mobile broadband (3G) opens up many options for business giving them the ability to access office files using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) from anywhere where they can get a 3G connection.

Toshiba gives its users access to a leading 3G mobile broadband network enabling them to increase productivity while on the move and allowing them to act on real time information using email, data, company servers, or live SaaS applications. This takes away the boundaries of the office, so that no matter where you are, information is readily available at your fingertips

3G Mobile broadband also offers greater bandwidth and speed giving users the ability to download large files on the spot or even stream video such as video conferencing without any external devices or having to return to the office.


Customer Support

Something that is often ignored when companies are looking at laptops is customer support. Yet if something should go wrong, the sensitive information on the computer and the downtime of your employee can be detrimental to your business.

Toshiba offers in-house, in-country customer service and technical support and owns and run the Toshiba MobileCare centers located in several places around the country.

Also, you should always look for extended warranties and international warranties which will allow staff to be able to have their laptop looked at anywhere in the world by specialists.

Customer Support


Common wisdom is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However an aging design does not reflect well on your company's image nor its reputation.

Toshiba's latest ranges offer ultra-stylish notebooks that connect style with increased productivity and mobility.

Ensure that you choose a laptop or laptops which enhance your brand's reputation.

Need help to find the perfect notebook? Start your search here or view the product buying guide.


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