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Brilliant presentations in the smallest of spaces with Toshiba

04 December 2008

SYDNEY, December 4 2007 - Delivering powerful presentations to engage an audience no longer needs to be the art form of a few, thanks to the latest innovation from Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited Information Systems Division (ISD). The company today announced its all-new Extreme Short Throw Projector (ESP) range designed specifically to enhance the interactive experience for business and education users.

With the release of the ESP range - the EX20 and EW25 data projectors - Toshiba is the first to bring to market Extreme Short Throw projectors with wireless and networking capabilities as standard. Both projectors are capable of projecting an impressive two metre screen from a one metre distance, revolutionising boardroom and classroom presentations and leaving other projectors quite literally in the shade.

Short Throw without Shortcomings

Toshiba has achieved extreme short throw projection in the ESP range by incorporating a radically different new lens technology that allows the projectors to be placed as close as 50cm from the projection screen. This innovation provides presenters with greater flexibility to use a projector in a small environment and to move freely around the room without limitations. For the first time, presenters do not have to worry about casting a shadow on their presentation screen, walking in front of the projector or being blinded by projector lights. With Toshiba's ESP projectors, presenters can deliver interactive presentations with ease and with the peace of mind that the audience has access to a sharp, shadow-free picture every time.

Powerful Presentations, no Limitations

Toshiba's ESP projectors connect quickly, easily and securely to wireless and Gigabit Ethernet networks. This combined wired and wireless capability is a market-first feature that provides both the presenter and the audience with greater options to connect to and interact with the presentation.

Brilliant colours

In addition, Toshiba's ESP projectors guarantee high brightness, great contrast and brilliant colour with the introduction of a new DLP colour chip that delivers crisp data quality not achievable with older projector technology.

The Classroom or the Boardroom

"Education and business customers already regard Toshiba as a trusted provider of notebook computers. By enhancing our projector range with Extreme Short Throw projectors, we now offer educators and business executives a powerful presentation tool that truly brings content to life, in small or large spaces," said Cliff Evans, product manager, Toshiba ISD.

In a business environment, Toshiba's ESP projectors deliver a complete conference room solution. Projecting in widescreen, the projectors deliver a large screen presentation to any meeting area, allowing businesses to turn boardrooms or other corporate areas into engaging meeting places. The ESP projector range fully supports Windows Vista.

All Toshiba projectors come with a standard 90 day replacement guarantee and a three year warranty. In addition, Toshiba is offering a free lamp replacement for every projector purchased through 31 December 2007.

Toshiba's projector range is available via Toshiba Authorised Resellers and Distributors. For a full list please visit:

About Toshiba
Toshiba's Information Systems Division (ISD) is a division of Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, the ninth largest integrated manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment, with around 161,000 employees worldwide, and annual sales of over A$73billion on a consolidated basis. Toshiba is the leader in the Australian notebook market, with 21.6% of the market in calendar year in 2006 (IDC) remaining as leader both in market share and revenue.

Unique among vendors, Toshiba ISD specialises exclusively in mobile solutions and services. A global reputation for quality has been achieved through an R&D budget, roughly equal to Australia's total expenditure as a country in this area. Toshiba ISD extended its business in 2007 to include Toshiba's audio visual (AV) products. This expansion is a consolidation of the company's IT and AV technology offerings and drives Toshiba Corporation to be a key player in the Australian computing and home entertainment market.

Instrumental in the DVD revolution, Toshiba Corporation now introduces its HD DVD format, offering incredible image quality and realism where sound and pictures come to life. Continuing its commitment to innovation and market leadership, Toshiba is providing Australians with the next generation of High Definition products.

Since it pioneered the notebook market in 1985, Toshiba ISD has sold more than 1.75 million notebooks in Australia and New Zealand and in 2006 celebrated its 21st anniversary of providing market leading mobile computing solutions.

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