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Head-to-head: Google's new Chromebooks

“Where the Toshiba certainly excels is connectivity. Unlike the HP, it has an SD-card slot for expandable memory and a HDMI port to connect to TVs and monitors. And though both have two USB ports, the Toshiba's are the faster USB 3.0 variety.”

27 Feb 2014
Toshiba Chromebook CB30

SOURCE: Good Gear Guide
“Compared to many of the other new-breed, low-cost, Google-centric laptops that we've seen, this one might just be the best yet. Its size and keyboard are suitable for long periods of typing, its styling isn't boring, and it offers the types of ports and slots that always get us excited when we review new computers.”

27 Feb 2014
Toshiba Chromebook now on-sale at JB Hifi

SOURCE: Ausdroid
“It’s been a long time coming, but Toshiba’s first foray into the Chromebook market has finally arrived at retailers in Australia with JB Hifi first of the mark.”

27 Feb 2014
Toshiba Chromebook now available in Australia for $399

SOURCE: Ausdroid - "Since the announcement of a Haswell based Toshiba Chromebook in September last year, I admit I’ve been holding out to see what this company can do with the ‘other’ Google Operating System. Announced officially at CES, the Toshiba Chromebook has today been announced as available at retail in Australia."

03 Feb 2014
Toshiba Chromebooks hit Australia

SOURCE: Delimiter - "in brief Japanese electronics giant Toshiba has announced its Chromebook laptops are available in Australia. Announced at CES 2014 in Las Vegas earlier this month, the devices ship with a 13.3″ display and run Google’s Chrome OS operating system. Australian recommended retail price will be $399"

03 Feb 2014
Toshiba’s 13.3in Chromebook is on sale now

SOURCE: Good Gear Guide - Toshiba has announced that its Chromebook laptop is now available to purchase from major retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

03 Feb 2014
Toshiba’s first Chromebook priced and available locally

SOURCE: The Gadget Guy - "The web browser-based operating system that is Google’s Chrome OS is beginning to provide an interesting entry point for new computer owners, particularly those that rely heavily on the web, and Toshiba wants in, releasing its first Chromebook in Australia."

03 Feb 2014
Labs Brief: Toshiba Canvio Slim 500GB


Toshiba's Canvio Slim offers simple storage that looks super stylish.

30 Jul 2013
New Toshiba KIRA Offering, Is It The Best Ultrabook Yet?

A pragmatic interpretation of what constitutes quality especially in an Ultrabook is a subject that is open to multiple benchmarks. Is it design, components, after sales service, components, speed and performance or the quality of a display screen versus what were past industry benchmarks?

21 Jun 2013
Review: Toshiba Portege Z10t

So we come to Toshiba’s Portege Z10t – one of those portable PCs that have people asking “Is it a tablet or a laptop?”, to which I always reply “Both”. This is because it is both – it has a detachable keyboard that takes it from being a fully functional laptop, to a tablet.

21 Jun 2013
Cybershack Report : Toshiba's Kirabook

Source: Cybershack
Charlie goes through all the features of the Toshiba Kirabook.

28 May 2013
From $499 to $2,199: meet Toshiba's new 2013 laptops

Starting at $499, here is a handy gallery of Toshiba's latest laptops, including the Satellite C, P, S and L Series and the Portege Z10t.

09 May 2013
New Kira Ultrabook is a stylish, aspirational gem, according to Toshiba

Meet the new king of Toshiba laptops. The Toshiba Kira Book is a new model to look out for if you want a premium Windows laptop with a quality screen.

09 May 2013
Notebooks dead? Someone tell Toshiba

Judging from the range of new machines Toshiba has just released, that company does not think so. It has released an impressive range of 25 notebooks and an All-in-One PC as part of its world-wide corporate identity launch.

09 May 2013
Toshiba aims to “inspire desire” with Kira

09 May 2013
Toshiba KIRA Australian pricing revealed, starts at $1,799

Toshiba have just launched their 2013 line of notebooks which number no less than 25. The king of them all is the KIRA, an Ultrabook with a difference. This 13” Ultrabook may be small, but packs plenty of premium features.

09 May 2013
Toshiba launches 'prestige' Kira Ultrabook range in Australia

The new flagship ultrabook from Toshiba will feature a 2560x1440 resolution display and "white glove" service.

09 May 2013
Toshiba launches 'shining light' Kira

Flagship ultrabook leads new tablets, all-in-ones, gaming notebook, and other devices, all of which have new designs

09 May 2013
Toshiba shines light on premium Ultrabook space with Kira range

Toshiba is citing a plateau in notebook sales as one of the key reasons it is pushing into the premium space, with a new range of “game-changing” Ultrabooks that it says will offer a “new level in luxury computing”. Unveiled at a launch event in Sydney today, the Toshiba Kira range — Japanese for ‘shining light’ — is targeted towards aspirational purchasers and is set to be matched by an equally high-end retail campaign.

09 May 2013
Toshiba unveils Kira the luxury laptop

Toshiba has released Kira - a new luxury ultrabook computer – which is crafted from premium materials and sporting a sleek design.

09 May 2013
Toshiba's luxurious Ultrabook: KIRA

This premium laptop is designed to appeal to users who want the finer things in life

09 May 2013
Toshiba's Portégé Z10t Ultrabook-tablet hybrid

Toshiba's forthcoming Portégé Z10t joins the growing ranks of Windows 8 hybrids – part tablet, part Ultrabook – which promise if not the best of both devices, certainly the convenience of both.

09 May 2013
Video: Hands-On With Toshiba’s Deluxe Windows 8 Ultrabook “KIRA”

Today, we got our hands on the Toshiba KIRA, an “aspirational/luxury” Windows 8 touchscreen ultrabook that will retail for $2199 (Core i7 version). Boasting a “Pixel Pure” 13.3in touchscreen display with a native resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and a durable “honeycomb-structured” magnesium alloy chassis, the unit is clearly aimed at the fancy-pants demographic.

09 May 2013
SMH - Toss-up: notebooks for students

"A Core i5 Toshiba Satellite U940 offers the best value for money"

04 Feb 2013
Cyber Shack Toshiba P840 Laptop Review

Source: Cyber Shack
Charlie puts one of Toshiba's Windows 8-enabled laptops through its paces. It also has a removable battery, Harmon Kardon speakers, plus a whole lot more.

04 Dec 2012
Toshiba's big screen 13 inch AT330 tablet reviewed

A 13 inch tablet? For real? Apparently so, with Toshiba surprising everyone and testing the waters with an oversized Android tablet measuring 13.3 inches diagonally and browsing the web with the biggest touchscreen we’ve rested on our laps.

09 Oct 2012
Team Norton DJR Goes Tru-Blu!

DICK Johnson Racing will turn back the clock at this year’s Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, today unveiling a special one-off livery that its Team Norton DJR Falcon entry will carry next week at Mount Panorama.

02 Oct 2012
Toshiba opens Pop Up Lounge in Sydney

SOURCE: PC Authority
This week, Toshiba is inviting Sydneysiders to check out the company's latest products at a makeshift 'Pop-Up Lounge' situated at Martin Place.

25 Sep 2012
Toshiba's pop-up experience centre gets a gold-medal winning touch

Toshiba is taking to Sydney’s Martin Place this week with a pop-up experience centre targeted at spruiking the company’s brand message to consumers and to promote its successful partnership with gold medal-winning Olympic cyclist Anna Meares.

25 Sep 2012
3D is a fad but Toshiba is a winner: Canstar TV ratings

Despite the aggressive launch schedules and marketing spends of some of the big names in flat panels, it was Toshiba that topped the consumer rankings for preferred brand, scoring the highest possible rating of five stars in terms of value for money, performance, ease of use, warranty and service, and overall satisfaction.

19 Sep 2012
Consumers rate Toshiba TVs ahead of the pack

SOURCE: Connected Australia
Toshiba has been voted the winner of Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction award in the TV category, receiving a five star rating for overall customer satisfaction.

19 Sep 2012
Toshiba Means Business: Digitised Tablets, Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks & More

Toshiba has unveiled its new business range which features a tablet and digitizer combo, an Ultrabook and a variety of high powered notebooks. Toshiba's Product Marketing Manager, Justin White, believes the new "B2B range is [Toshiba's] most powerful yet."

19 Jul 2012
Toshiba prepares for Olympic viewing with six new TVs

Toshiba has launched six new LED TVs that offer a range of connectivity and picture quality options in time for the London Olympics.

19 Jul 2012
Toshiba prepares for Olympic viewing with six new TVs

Toshiba has launched six new LED TVs that offer a range of connectivity and picture quality options in time for the London Olympics. Toshiba’s new range incorporates Edge LED technology and Edge LED backlit screens to deliver improved picture clarity and quality.

19 Jul 2012
Six New TVs From Toshiba

Cinema-style movie viewing in your home is more accessible and affordable, claims Toshiba as it announces six new series of TVs.
Using Edge LED technology, Toshiba’s new range delivers clarity, vibrant colours and pronounced contrast, claims the company. Paired with Edge LED backlit screens, content comes to life with Toshiba’s picture quality.

18 Jul 2012
Toshiba beats B2B drum: world’s lightest ultrabook and more!

Toshiba has launched its new range of “B2B” notebooks and tablets, from an updated Windows 7 tablet to the world's lightest 13.3 inch Ultrabook and more. That gives Toshiba a computer in all the major business sizes, from tablets through to Ultrabooks and the larger models for those who need bigger screen sizes and higher resolutions, all with Toshiba’s assuredly high levels of business quality.

18 Jul 2012
Toshiba LED Attack: 6X Cinema TV's

The Japanese giant has announced 6 LEDs – 55" Full HD right down to a modest 23" TV/DVD combi – all with "stunning" picture quality and "Cinema-style movie viewing." Edge LED backlit screens, passive and active 3D, 1080p Full HD playback, web enabled, Tosh Remote App (iOS & Android), and Places a music, games and entertainment hub, are just some of the specs on the 2012 TV line up.

17 Jul 2012
Toshiba LED Attack: 6X Cinema TV's

TV maker goes gung-ho on Cinema TV with 6 new LEDs - from 55" to 23"

17 Jul 2012
Toshiba’s new TV lineup arrives in time for the Olympics

With six new ranges in the series (including VL, TL, RL, HL, EL and DL), the Japanese company is hoping to take the market by storm with technologies like edge LED backlighting, passive 3D, DLNA and internet entertainment connectivity

17 Jul 2012
Toshiba AT330 Review: Size Does Matter

When it puts rubber to the road and you use it for gaming, media and browsing, it’s a pleasure to use. But with all that power, you’d think that this thing would drain battery faster than a shallow bath with no plug, but it’s impressive how long it stays alive.

16 Jul 2012
Toshiba Tablet AT270 Android tablet

On paper, the Toshiba Tablet AT270 is one of the best designed tablets we've reviewed for some time. We particularly love the grippy, aluminium panel on the back. This surface makes the AT270 comfortable to hold and the metallic silver finish contrasts nicely with the glossy back front.

10 Jul 2012
Toshiba turns tables on 3D for 2012 TVs

Toshiba’s 2012 TV line-up sees passive 3D take pride of place in the company’s flagship model, with the previous darling active 3D relegated to cheaper models. Many of Toshiba’s new TVs also feature Wi-Fi Direct and the Toshiba Places Smart TV service.

25 Jun 2012
New Toshiba Smart TV $1,500 Cheaper Than 'Application Laden' Samsung Smart TV

Japanese TV maker Toshiba has delivered a stylish new passive 3D smart TV that is $1,500 cheaper than their arch rival Samsung.

21 Jun 2012
Toshiba brings in more TVs

Toshiba is rolling out with new TVs that includes a return to the combo space and a new online TV platform, Toshiba Places that is strong on European content providing access to news services and video portals.

21 Jun 2012
Toshiba Hits Out At Expensive Application Laden Smart TVs

Japanese TV maker Toshiba, who has quietly lifted their share of the Australian TV market during the past 12 months, has hit out at the new generation of “bells and whistles” Smart TVs being pushed by brands like Samsung, LG and Panasonic.

21 Jun 2012
New Form Factor For Latest Toshiba Laptop

he Satellite U840W Ultrabook is said by Toshiba to be the world’s first panoramic notebook featuring a 21:9 cinematic display.

06 Jun 2012
Toshiba Satellite U840W hands-on

The Toshiba Satellite U840W looks squashed at first glance, thanks to its unconventional 21:9 aspect ratio, but pick it up and there's no doubting its premium quality and rock solid design. Crafted from premium brushed metal with faux leather strips for added grip, the stylish design of the U840W is enhanced further by rigid metal speaker grills.

06 Jun 2012
Toshiba unveils world's first widescreen ultrabook

Toshiba has changed the shape of laptop computing with the introduction of the Satellite U840W Ultrabook – the world’s first ultra-widescreen notebook. The U840W has a 14.4 inch 21:9 cinematic display and is designed for work and play.

06 Jun 2012
True widescreen on a Toshiba Ultrabook

Toshiba has revealed the world’s first panoramic Ultrabook with a true 21:9 cinematic display. The Toshiba U840W runs a 14.4 inch display which looks very wide but is much shorter in height. It allows you to watch a movie without any black lines on the top and bottom.

06 Jun 2012
A stroke of genius: hands-on with Toshiba’s first 21:9 PC

More than just “another widescreen panel”, Toshiba has this week unveiled a new laptop sporting a world first 21:9 laptop screen, making it possible to show a widescreen film without the black bars we’re so used to seeing.

05 Jun 2012

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