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We do not have all the answers yet, but here are some (we are still working on the answers to some of the big questions!).

  • Q. Why should I use Toshiba's e-cycle program?

    A. There is concern about the environmental impact of old computers being dumped in rubbish tips. With Toshiba's e-CYCLE program you know your old Laptop will not end up in a landfill. Instead it will be properly recycled, or even re-used.

  • Q. How can I recycle my Toshiba Laptop/Laptop*?

    A. You can drop off your Toshiba Laptop, accessories, parts and batteries to any Toshiba e-CYCLE collection point free of charge.

    For a full list of collection points, click here.

    If you are located in an area that does not have a collection point, you can always post it to us and we will ensure it is disposed of properly. You will need to include a completed Equipment Disposal Agreement. Alternatively, contact your local council for advice.

  • Q. Do you offer a courier service*?

    A. If you prefer, you can click here and we will arrange a courier to collect your equipment and Equipment Disposal Agreement. We will need to charge a flat fee of $10 plus $13 per item in metropolitan areas or $16 if you are more than 40 km away from your capital city (credit card payments only) to cover pickup, shipping and recycling.

  • Q. I have large quantities of equipment to dispose of - can you help me?

    A. Like a quotation for a bulk pickup? Please send an e-mail to: e-cycle@toshiba-tap.com

  • Q. Does it cost anything to use the Toshiba e-CYCLE program?

    A. If you drop your Laptop off at a Toshiba e-CYCLE collection point yourself, there is no charge. We just want to help you do the right thing. Please note: a handling fee will apply if you drop off a non-Toshiba Laptop. This covers the cost of shipping and recycling

  • Q. What products are not accepted?

    A. Sorry, but we cannot accept non-laptop batteries, TV sets, VCRs, microwave ovens, washing machines or any other electronic appliances. We also cannot accept broken CRT or LCD monitors, contaminated products or general waste.

    If you are not sure, check via e-mail: e-cycle@toshiba-tap.com

  • Q. Can I recycle broken or damaged laptops?

    A. Yes. In fact, all Laptops submitted for e-CYCLE are broken into parts for recycling. (Sorry, we cannot accept broken CRT or LCD monitors.)

  • Q. Can I recover any value from my old laptop?

    A. Generally, it is not possible to recover any value unless the Laptop is less than three years old. We will also need to consider the condition of your laptop. Please read and accept the Toshiba e-CYCLE terms and conditions to receive a quotation.

  • Q. How will my laptop be recycled?

    A. Equipment that cannot be re-used is recycled at EPA licensed and ISO certified facilities. This results in nearly 100 per cent of your Toshiba laptop (by weight) being diverted from landfill. For details click here.

  • Q. Is there a brochure available for the Toshiba E-Cycle program?

    A. Yes. A brochure for the Toshiba E-Cycle program can be downloaded here.

  • * As you would expect, some terms and conditions apply. It is important that you understand and accept the terms and conditions (or complete the Equipment Disposal Agreement) before you participate in the Toshiba e-CYCLE program. Please click here to view the terms and conditions OR download an Equipment Disposal Agreement

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